Ansys 2022 R1: What’s New in Ansys HFSS

HFSS has continued its streak of groundbreaking innovations from 3 decades. With the new 2022 R1 release, learn how to leverage the new groundbreaking Phi Plus meshing technology into the HFSS Mesh fusion simulation flow and see for yourself how HFSS SBR+ technology gives the most accurate realistic results for automotive radar analysis with a new unique enhancement.

Electric Machine and Power Electronics

This webinar is the first chapter of the Ansys Electrification IBP webinar series. Our focus will be on the overview of Ansys solutions in electric machine and power electronics. We’ll discuss design and development challenges, followed by validated use cases where Ansys has worked with industry experts. Ansys’ solution-product matrix will also be shared, covering various capabilities and applications in electrification.

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